Essential Oils for Mom

Mom doesn’t take any days off, so I want to introduce you to these everyday essential oils that will also make great anytime gifts for her. Because everyday is a great time to do something special for Mom. 

Lavender – Treat Mom to Lavender’s soft, soothing scent. Whether she’s feeling a bit overwhelmed, simply wants to add a few drops to a hot, well-deserved bath or diffuse it at the end of the day, Lavender is always a great idea.

Peppermint – Peppermint essential oil is one of the most versatile oils. It has a cool, tingling sensation that will offer Mom a refreshing pick-me-up.

Tranquil – Tranquil essential oil roll on can help quickly soothe Mom’s frayed nerves.

Stress Away – The name speaks for itself, so whether Mom is having a tough day at work, things are spiraling out of control at home or she’s been stuck in traffic for far too long, Stress Away is the relaxing and calming solution she needs. 

Peace & Calming – Peace & Calming is both soothing and uplifting and helps to release the tension Mom may be experiencing.

Thieves – Thieves essential oil helps support Mom’s immune system because she has very little time to waste feeling less than her best.

Gentle Baby – Gentle Baby offers both Mom and baby a sense of calm.

There are so many oils to choose from. Find out what Mom’s in need of and give her a gift straight from your heart. 

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